Mission Statement


The goal and objective of the Burley Varsity Club is to conduct research on all sports records – 1951 – 1967 to determine the number of sports championships and accompanying trophies,photographs, and any other sports paraphernalia pertinent to paying tribute to the achievements of Burley athletes – both male and female – during the period of Burley’s existence. To accomplish this objective both alumni and friends of Burley High School will be solicited for funds to sustain this ongoing activity.

In addition to replacing or refurbishing trophies, a new trophy cabinet will be placed in the lobby of the schools auditorium, Thursday May 28. Funds will be solicited through ongoing fund raising via private contributions and grants.

Because the Burley Varsity Club is a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. Burley alumni and the friends of Burley will be informed of future fund raising events whose proceeds will make this undertaking a success.

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